Wednesday, January 4, 2012


" you are mad!" "you too you are stupid! Abeg no just vex me o 'cos me dey para well well. You sabi speak grammar na im you no go bomb Jonathan with oyinbo for Aso Rock?"
This was the drama that doused my tension a little bit. The Man City v Liverpool match wasn't going my way, and my blood was getting hotter when,
against my wish, I decided to go see the face of the cacophony that suddenly rented the air.

What the f**k, it was 2 adult slugging it out. A #100 recharge card now goes for #110/20! "Naija..." was the only word I could mutter at that point. I quickly walked off the area as the drama started to grow out of proportion.

On my way back home, I started juggling thoughts on the table of my mind; "no, price can't change, it's only tarrif that will go up so you can exhaust the card in no time!" I was still on this when a brilliant idea flashed through my brain.

As a way of circumventing this Naija madness, I propose we, in the interim, buy recharge cards from ATM points/machine! Shikena!

Though this will translate to bad business for the likes of Etisalat and Airtel who doesn't have transaction port on these machines, it will amount to increased market share for Glo and MTN, at least.

For a dude like me who possesses the 4 listed sim cards, that's a good deal! For those who don't, then alliances will have to change! I think Glo and MTN should reward me for this hype given them, or what do you think?

On a lighter mood however, Jonathan may have done the worse he could, he surely hasn't ask us to inflict more hardship on ourselves. Been rational at this point, we should know, would take 45% of the burden off our tired and sapped neck.

Let us stop Naijasensing to the detriment of our well-being.

Share this message if you're a true patriot.

Watch this space for the Naija Sense Series... Laugh off the matter jor.

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