Friday, September 30, 2011

Nigeria @ 51: The Reflection Series. The time is now...

Finally, in 10 pages, 4,531 words, 58 paragraphs, and 434 lines, the Nigeria @ 51: The Reflection Series is set for publishing.
Starting from October 1st through till the end of the series, you can begin to check my blog @, my twitter handle @ alamusamson, or better still my facebook ID @ alamusamson.
Join me as we reflect towards the cause of a greater tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2011

ABSU Gang-Rape: Lady victim found, pursuance of justice shelved for now...

Finally, as revealed by the citation below, the victim has been located:
"...we have located her there in Abia State. That girl is a ticking bomb right now; she is a potential suicide case or murder case. Imagine she can lay her hands on a weapon now, what do you think will happen to her rapists? We are working on how to get her out of the State for protection and rehabilitation. Her safety comes first before we can begin to talk about justice. We need to show her all the love and support she requires to get over the trauma, BEFORE WE BEGIN TO PURSUE JUSTICE." Mrs Josephine Chukwuma, Director of Project Alert on Violence Against Women.

This is no doubt a news that gladens the heart. However, we, the media campaigners do not wish to relent in our efforts as the news does actually transalate into justice. The ending statement of the above citation reveals that the much demanded justice may be jeopardized.

Typical of authorities in our country, the imminent lullness in the pursuance of justice may be exploited, and this we do not want. We all should not rule out the possibility of having a highly connected lad(s) amongst the rapists. It is for this very reason that some of us has dedicated our time to pushing the mass media campaign. As I write this, the priority of the NGOs for now is the treatment and rehabilitation of the lady. Hence, while the coalition of NGOs continues their rehabilitation efforts, we want to carry on with our sustained shout for justice.

In some couple of days, there will be rallies in Lagos, Abia, and Abuja. So, try to participate if you can; otherwise, write notes around the scandal and paste on your facebook walls, tweet it as well. If you however finds it too tasking to write, feel free to share the ones you will, or read on blogs and sites.

Justice must prevail.

Alamu Samson

Sunday, September 25, 2011

ABSU Gang Rape: A Clarion Call To Obey...

It is in the region of a month and a half now that our national integrity was greatly abused and insulted in the guise of the ABSU Gang Rape. 5 young men, allegedly students of Abia State University, raped a young lady presumed to be their colleague, taped the brutal assault and posted it on YouTube. I honestly wish, and need to see the ABSU gang-rape video. Such act can never be qualified by any adjective invented by man, the best thing U'll feel is the monsterous anger to deliver worse than jungle justice.

I only wish this case will not expose further to the world, the rottenness of our Judiciary. Our national history is evidence-laden that the Nigerian Police Force treats rape case with levity. That has again been justified by their initial reaction to the ABSU Gang Rape.

We make a passionate appeal to the Presidency to wade into this matter as it is capable of further rubbishing the image of our dear country in the international community. In like manner, we equally call on social activists, human right activists, women liberation and empowerment groups to keep mounting great pressure on The Nigerian Police Force to do a conclusive justice to unravelling the brains behind this crime. Let us facebook, Tweet, Digg, and Blog our sustained media campaign against this ungodly act.

No matter whose Ox will be gored, let us make it known that this is not another case to be wrapped under the carpet.

My love and heart goes out to the young lady who suffered this great act of inhumanity. Nigerians are with you in this.

Alamu Samson.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nigeria @ 51: The Reflections Series.

It's been quite a long time now. I mean the very short break I took from writing; trust me, such holidays are occasional necessity that must be gladly embraced. I think I'm the better for it right now as I prepare to move my pen, mind, and brain to purpose.

To the task at hand: in another couple of weeks Nigerians will be celebrating the nation at 51! While the Government would put up the most brilliant of opinion that we have got everything to celebrate, liberal critics and conservative analysts would posit otherwise. Though not a contest, whoever wins irrespective, the fact remains there are issues that begs attention.

So, join me as I take you through "Nigeria @ 51: The Reflections Series" starting from October 1, 2011.
Till then, keep working towards the revival of Nigeria.

Alamu Samson.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aráròmíre: A lesson to be learnt.

I had just returned from a productive project meeting with the iconic Gbemi Akande when I decided to cool off with Aráròmíre, known to many as Figurine; a classic from our own Kunle Afolayan of the Saworo Ide fame. Trust me, Nigeria is blessed to have this dude making movie. We’ll soon dwarf Hollywood. Sure, words cannot explain how much I enjoyed myself, but then, I decided to pick up a few lessons, one of which I will be sharing right away. Sola (Kunle Afolayan) was about heading for his state of deployment for NYSC scheme and decided to check on his Professor who holds the last signature that’ll set him off. Hearing he’s been posted to Aráròmíre, Prof. decided to acquaint him with the folklore of Aráròmíre, a goddess after which the town was named. Sola managed to hear a part that says Aráròmíre bestows 7 years of overwhelming riches on anybody that contacts it, before dashing out of the office. He wished to encounter the goddess, and as fate would have it, Sola stumbled on Aráròmíre during their endurance trek. Your guess is as good as mine! The next 7 years was so splendid for Sola, and even his friend Femi (Ramsey Noah). Perhaps I wrote quite predictably; Sola’s wife, a goddaughter of Sola’s Prof. accessed the conclusion of the folklore. 7 years of utter destruction is to follow the 7 years of overwhelming riches! I guess Kunle Afolayan is going to pay me handsomely for going this far with the movie review. One lesson I quickly picked on in this movie is Impatience! Like the Yòrùbás will say “àifarabalè lolórí àrùn”; more often than not in life, we are always in haste. More worrisome is the fact that the haste is usually over nothing! Sola would have totally escaped the catastrophe that greeted his family in its prime, had he listened to the entire folklore. Even the Bible reads in Proverbs 19 verse 2 “it is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.” While I would not advocate slothfulness, I equally do not think it will do any man any good going about his endeavors without patience. It is a virtue that inoculates us against avoidable setbacks, and failures in life. It reminds me of my experience with a research firm I once worked with; there is always a thorough project evaluation before execution. The firm does not just hastily accept a job from a client because the pay is handsomely fat. They set up a meeting between researchers and clients during which propensity projections will be dealt with before attempting execution. In few cases, we’ve had to advice the clients to review their ambitions.
Exercise a little patience before pursuing that business idea, vision et al. Pause to think twice before making that commitment. Appraise you ambitions, desires, and goals before etching them into your soul. Propensity comes, always, with success and failure; only a patient man spots both and takes precaution. With Love, Alamu Samson.