Ride on pastor!

The great end of life is not knowledge but action.”
   Huxley T.H 1825-1895.

From the four walls of any denomination that exists around I have heard the word “ride on pastor!” a thousand and one times. But it beats me that I’ve not seen a thousand and one changes coming from such enthusiastic shout. Does it beat you as well? Taking it away from the ecclesiastical front, and putting it in the secular domain; it still holds true that my generation needs just only one service: emotional massage! Does that beat you too? How do you explain a nation of people thronging seminar, symposium, rally, and worship centers, getting feeds from our finest, only to come back needing more and more feeds, just to move a toe. Does it cost more than a hi to get a smile?!
A brief look into history reveals that Martin Luther King Jnr said it once and died. Oh, Americans doesn’t even need it twice, “I have a dream...” Simple, we are in bondage, today not of situations and circumstances, but of our self-induced “Yes we can...” weren’t needed twice. The French Revolutionaries knew what they wanted and they acted on Rousseau and Voltaire’s lead.
Trust me; we don’t need the pastor to ride on, we only need to act on! Enough of the emotional massage, it’s time for a revolutionary change. Remember, “You are the embodiment of the information you choose to ACCEPT and ACT UPON. To change your circumstances you need to change your THINKING and subsequent ACTION.”
Oh! Sorry pastor. Ride on pastor! But move us spirit...
With Love,
Alamu Samson.

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