Friday, November 25, 2011

LOLU MOGAJI: Another Icon to emulate.

Hello Peeps, today is a great day. Tap into God's already prepared favor for you.
On our personality profiling today, we'll share a brief on a young, talented man with great achievement and a greater prospect. I present to you Lolu Mogaji. Happy readind.

LOLU MOGAJI, AICI is an Image consultant, Personal brand expert, a prolific public speaker and a toastmaster in a class of his own, with a strong belief in the statement; “Image is everything”. He believes that everybody must strive to discover, develop and project a strong and positive image, irrespective of their chosen vocation in life. Furthermore he believes that a person, organization, or Nation’s investment is incomplete until there is an investment in image. Lolu believes that as important as intelligence is in our world today, so also is image. His primary focus is on Personal image/ Branding as they affect corporate growth. He is persuaded that both the successes and failures of organizations have their roots in the quality of the people that make up such organizations.

Lolu is the managing partner of Image Quotient Consulting, and Founder of The Image School (The first School in Africa dedicated to teaching Image Principles to individuals and corporate organizations)both in Lagos, Nigeria, where he expresses his passion for image by partnering with individuals and organizations in developing and consistently projecting a strong and positive image.

By virtue of Lolu’s position as managing partner of Image quotient consulting and founder of The Image school, and because of his unique and witty style of presentation, he has been privileged to act as; TRAINNER/ FACILITATOR, CO-FACILITATOR /MODERATOR AND COMPERE for a wide range of organizations such as : Generis Solutions, MTN Nigeria, Intercontinental homes, Savings and loans, Talkshop Management consulting, Michael Sage Consulting, Socketworks Nigeria Limited, Chrisland Educational Foundation, GTBANK, PZ(Nutricima), 247imc, Proview, The Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship, 180 DEGREES (NGO), AWESOME GENERATION (NGO), Pneuma Publishing Limited, just to mention a few. In addition to the corporate organizations, he has a long list of individual clients from various works of life.

Lolu’s career as an image consultant rests solidly against a background of a law degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University with stints in various endeavors such as advertising and Public relations, fashion, radio broadcasting and events management,. He is a member of the prestigious ASSOCIATION OF IMAGE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL (AICI) TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL (Eagle club Lagos, Nigeria), THE NEW NIGERIA CLUB. His articles have been published in various national dailies, and he has granted numerous interview on both print and electronic media (both Satellite and terrestrial), the most resent was a guest appearance on “Moments with MO” on Mnet Africa, broadcast in over 48 countries.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deolu Akinyemi: Another Icon to emulate.

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We are considering some personality profile to help know them, learn from them, get challenged by the life and motivated by their achievements. Today let's check on the profile of Deolu Akinyemi, an outstanding businessman and a life coach. Have a happy reading.

Adeolu Akinyemi is multifaceted and multidimensional; he’s regularly referred to by people who know him as a genius. He regularly combines the roles of Business Leader, Social entrepreneur, Trainer, Writer, Career Coach, Direct and Network Marketer, Human Resources Expert, Business Development Consultant, Financial Empowerment Consultant, Innovator, Visionary and Patriot. Today Adeolu Akinyemi is one of Nigeria’s foremost brands in People and Organizational Development, Financial Empowerment, Network Marketing and Blogging. Adeolu Akinyemi is a light and one of the most influential young people in Nigeria on account of his personal development blog, . Adeolu Akinyemi is currently the chief coordinator and Founder of the New Nigeria Club, Managing Director of Generis Solutions, CEO of Nairahost Ltd – Nigeria’s number 1 webhosting company, Administrator of and West African Leader and driver of Holidays and Cash Ltd. Adeolu Akinyemi’s most outstanding virtue is Integrity.
From an exceptional background in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University – Ile-Ife, Adeolu Akinyemi made a deliberate detour to follow his passion for people development and kicked off his career in Procter and Gamble Nigeria as an Associate Human Resources Manager. Adeolu Akinyemi had rapid career growth and grew to become HR Manager Talent Supply and Development, Market Strategy and Planning Manager and Customer Business Development HR Manager. After 4 exciting years of an exceptional Career with Procter and Gamble Nigeria Ltd, Adeolu Akinyemi moved to Virgin Nigeria as part of the pioneer team involved in building the airline from scratch and setting up people systems.

Adeolu Akinyemi’s career has been chequered with series of Awards from different organizations. Adeolu Akinyemi enjoyed one scholarship or the other, from the Federal Government of Nigeria and multinationals for 10yrs of his academic career, he has won series of commendations from his peers ranging from Most Admired Classmate, Most Charismatic, Mr Brainy, e.t.c. While in Procter and Gamble, Adeolu Akinyemi bagged two global awards – A P&G Global Human Resources Peak Performance Award, 2003 and A P&G Global recognition award for exceptional innovation, 2004. In recognition of his professionalism and personal standards, while in the last phase of his career as an employee in Virgin Nigeria, Adeolu Akinyemi was nominated for and won the Future Awards, Corporate Professional of the year award for 2006.

Adeolu Akinyemi is a 100% Nigerian grown talent, with some exposure to training opportunities outside its shores. From a Secondary school Education in Federal Government College Ilorin where he graduated as top graduating student, to Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife where he averaged a 4.48/5.00 in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Adeolu Akinyemi has since obtained a certification in Networking from Cisco Systems, A Venture in Management Program Certificate from Lagos Business School, Systems Dynamics & Business Modelling by Dr JP Cleron, Procter and Gamble Global Management Training in Presentation Skills, Effective Meetings, Improving Your Personal Leadership, People and Communication Skills, Time Management, Memo Writing, Team Effectiveness, Presentation to Top Management, Maximizing Creative and Logical Thinking, Negotiation, Coaching, Partnering for Growth, Human Resources Management, Compensation and Benefits, Talent Management, Key Account Management. Some of Adeolu Akinyemi’s foreign training exposure include HR Methods Becoming Actions- Poland, Online Recruiting and Candidate Management System- Turkey; Train the Trainer- Geneva, Designing High Performance Organizations -Geneva, Aviation Economics – UK and Aviation Safety Training, Lufthansa – Frankfurt.

Adeolu Akinyemi is the husband of Temitope Akinyemi and proud father of Ireoluwa and Araoluwa Akinyemi. Adeolu Akinyemi is currently 33yrs old.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cobhamz Emmanuel Asuquo. His story draws tears from the eyes of my soul...

Hello great people! This week on our personality profile, I have the profile and story of a man and a Kingdom general name Cobhamz Asuquo. His story will challenge you. Have a happy Reading!

Lagos — Multi-talented, visually impaired producer and the CEO of COMP (Cobhams Asuquo Productions), is not your every day person. He has been able to prove to us that his sight is not a disadvantage. Born into a humble family in Cross-River State, music has been part of him right from his early days. He makes sounds with everything around him that vibrates as a result of touch. "I produce sounds earlier in life with spoons, forks, knives, tables, my chest and every other thing around me that can produce sounds until I later found musical instruments. It was self taught but I have those who mentored me. My primary and secondary school music teachers were actually part of them. I will rather say I was taught the art of producing by God". Today, he is one of the biggest producers in Nigeria. He won the Hip Hop World Awards for the best producer in 2008.

His challenges are meeting up with everyday sounds and the ever changing demands of people. Contrary to what might be on the minds of people, he doesn't see his lack of sight as a disadvantage. "My sight has never been a disadvantage because I have a fantastic team am working with. Like I always say, most surgeons don't do all the surgery by themselves but they take the glory for it. That is the case here. They are my eyes and my extra ears".

Due to his amazing talents and the different collaborations he has done with other artistes, many would think by now he should be planning to release his own album, but Cobhams is not thinking towards that direction. He is presently into capacity building and he may not release an album until he is 60 years. "Right now, am in the business of developing musical sounds for people and am enjoying it. The challenge of working with new people is actually very huge but I find it interesting".
Commenting on the state of the music industry in Nigeria, he says it is better than what it used to be. "The business is becoming more lucrative but needs more structure to be called an industry. Our artistes are beginning to compete favorably with other international artiste which is a plus on its own", he said.

As popular as Cobhams is among the Nigerian artistes, he still desires to work with some Nigerian artistes but with reference to a particular legend. "There are still some great Nigerian artistes I will love to work with but first is Onyeka Onwenu. I grew up listening to lots of her stuff. She is amazing." Internationally, he will love to work with Don Moen and other 'Integrity Music' artiste.

One of his aspirations is to help develop the music industry and put it on the world map. Funny enough, he doesn't have any regret in life. "Regrets? I can't remember any. Growing up was fantastic". His greatest wish is far different from what we would have expected. "My greatest wish is to make a heaven and that is not even a wish. I need to work towards it. My greatest wish is to keep my happiness. Am not sure I want to go about wishing. Most things in life happen as a result of work or prayer. God has already designed everything the way He wanted it. I just want to live a fulfilled life".

His production outfit, Cobhams Asuquo Productions (COMP), is currently into capacity building. They discover, nurture and expose talents. Once the artiste is good and there is space for him, they will work with him. The few on the list now are Pheel of Star Quest fame, Omolara Ayodeji, Jone of West Africa Idols and others. He didn't fail to tell us what we should expect from them. "Expect some of the best crop of artistes that has ever come out of Nigeria. The new breed of artistes who will do music the way it ought to be done. A new crop of artistes who has sought expression for a very long time and finally found it in an enabling environment to express music for what it is and not necessary for the commercial value but because it is what their heart is inclined to. They will express it and get paid for it. Just expect something extra-ordinary to hit the Nigerian music industry very soon", he said.

Make no mistake about it. Amidst all these, he found a true wife. The lady he got married to have been a recurring decimal in his life for some time and they are a good pair.
As part of the blessings of God in his life, he recently moved into a new house in Ogudu GRA, Lagos which now serves as his home and office. Trust me; one person, whose life never seizes to challenge me, is Cobhamz. Whenever I see him on the screen, I remember I don’t have an excuse; I must fulfill God’s purpose. I hope his story does that to you as well. Have a splendid day.