Friday, November 25, 2011

LOLU MOGAJI: Another Icon to emulate.

Hello Peeps, today is a great day. Tap into God's already prepared favor for you.
On our personality profiling today, we'll share a brief on a young, talented man with great achievement and a greater prospect. I present to you Lolu Mogaji. Happy readind.

LOLU MOGAJI, AICI is an Image consultant, Personal brand expert, a prolific public speaker and a toastmaster in a class of his own, with a strong belief in the statement; “Image is everything”. He believes that everybody must strive to discover, develop and project a strong and positive image, irrespective of their chosen vocation in life. Furthermore he believes that a person, organization, or Nation’s investment is incomplete until there is an investment in image. Lolu believes that as important as intelligence is in our world today, so also is image. His primary focus is on Personal image/ Branding as they affect corporate growth. He is persuaded that both the successes and failures of organizations have their roots in the quality of the people that make up such organizations.

Lolu is the managing partner of Image Quotient Consulting, and Founder of The Image School (The first School in Africa dedicated to teaching Image Principles to individuals and corporate organizations)both in Lagos, Nigeria, where he expresses his passion for image by partnering with individuals and organizations in developing and consistently projecting a strong and positive image.

By virtue of Lolu’s position as managing partner of Image quotient consulting and founder of The Image school, and because of his unique and witty style of presentation, he has been privileged to act as; TRAINNER/ FACILITATOR, CO-FACILITATOR /MODERATOR AND COMPERE for a wide range of organizations such as : Generis Solutions, MTN Nigeria, Intercontinental homes, Savings and loans, Talkshop Management consulting, Michael Sage Consulting, Socketworks Nigeria Limited, Chrisland Educational Foundation, GTBANK, PZ(Nutricima), 247imc, Proview, The Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship, 180 DEGREES (NGO), AWESOME GENERATION (NGO), Pneuma Publishing Limited, just to mention a few. In addition to the corporate organizations, he has a long list of individual clients from various works of life.

Lolu’s career as an image consultant rests solidly against a background of a law degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University with stints in various endeavors such as advertising and Public relations, fashion, radio broadcasting and events management,. He is a member of the prestigious ASSOCIATION OF IMAGE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL (AICI) TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL (Eagle club Lagos, Nigeria), THE NEW NIGERIA CLUB. His articles have been published in various national dailies, and he has granted numerous interview on both print and electronic media (both Satellite and terrestrial), the most resent was a guest appearance on “Moments with MO” on Mnet Africa, broadcast in over 48 countries.

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