Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011: My high points and the people that made it thick.

Obviously, in retrospect, 2011 was the best year I have lived in the recent past. I opened a new chapter in my life, opening up a hitherto caged personality in a year. I encountered some phenomenal yet simple souls, and experienced life in a new shade. I humbly dedicate this piece to these phenomenal, yet simple creatures I encountered. Know this; no word or words can comfortably, sufficiently express, or relay how I feel about you all.

Jumoke Sasere
An unassuming giant and gentle mother of two lovely kids, with the third just few days away;
that is Mrs. Jumoke Sasere. Though we started our relationship in 2006, I cannot but agree it snowballed in 2011. I grew up thinking I stood no chance of been loved genuinely by anybody, but she proved me wrong. I cannot explain her confidence in me; she has sold me a hot commodity to practically everybody she knows. I know my silent prayers and cry for you will come to fruition soon.

Enitan Adetayo
No bias, nor sentiments; she is the person that has my heart beating a million times per second. A friend would say she is my number one fan. She has known me for eight good years, but funny I just met her late last year, and our relationship has been rising steadily with every passing second. If there is one mystery I am yet to unravel, it is why she so much believe in my dream. Even when the heat and storm is getting probably unbearably, with my confidence and courage hitting the low, she is always there to mirror the real me to me. Words would fail me to express my feelings, but she has been phenomenal. I strive daily to reciprocate in commensurate measure, the love she shows me.

Lara Akinyoyenu and Lara Ogunsanya
Prior to August 4, 2011, the closest I have got to these two wonderful women was watching them on screen. Without necessarily suffering from inferiority complex, I had thought they are as typical Nigerian women who allow success get the better of them. Alas. I was proved wrong in just 24 hours. Spending 5 days on location with them both was so influencing that I wish the movie is a season film. Very unassuming, they taught me another definition of humility, simplicity, and kindness. I will never forget the special one-hour chat I had with Lara Ogunsanya on purpose, vision, and life. I met them both just at the right time. Lara Akinyoyenu will be walking down the aisle in some couple of days, and all I can say is happy married life in advance. I trust your home to give us a marriage to be proud of in the kingdom family.

Imuetinyan Omere
A great actor, poet, motivational speaker, highly creative, there is no end to the list of what this young man is capable of doing. I met with him at the same location I met with the two Laras, and my experience with him is of no less importance. The mysteries we shared together are investments I will profit from endlessly.

Olufemi Daniel
She is another beautiful woman I met with at another movie location in the same August. We instantly became a puzzle to everyone from the very first minute we met. While the director was busy taking his blocking, we were busy catching up on life. Ever since then, she has been a wonderful friend, with every of our conversation so influencing. Daniel, I hope to see you out of that situation we both detest soon.

Ogunleye Ayodeji
A hilarious dude, words will fail me to aptly capture his influence; a very intelligent dude, full of wisdom, moderately frank and blunt, highly sought after counselor. His friendship has been of inestimable value as well. He has been phenomenal.

Margaret Oladimeji
Another young woman I will never forget in a hurry; crossing path with her has taught me great lessons about love, life, friendship and decision. Even though she will always argue otherwise, I will continually say she has been phenomenal. As she prepares to walk down the aisle come December 10, 2011, this one thing I have to say, thanks for putting me out of that “four years” misery. I will forever cherish and relish the memories of the times we did together. I say happy married life in advance. I trust your home to give us a marriage to be proud of in the kingdom family.

Ezekiel Akinrinade, Ebenezer Akinrinade, Jamiu Akangbe.
Meeting these “three musketeers” is the best thing that happened to my professional life in 2011. I had met with Ebenezer earlier on at Authors and Orators Chamber, a group comprising of seasoned and committed change agents. Little did I know then that I was dealing with the publicity secretary of ARLFoundation (African Resourceful Leaders Foundation), and not too long afterward, I was endorsed as seminar facilitator for the 20-weeks Pre-Exam Seminar for secondary schools in Lagos; initiated by ARLFoundation, endorsed by Lagos State Ministry of Education. It was in the course of discharging the noble duty that I met with Jamiu Akangbe, the Team Leader ARLFoundation, and Ezekiel Akinrinade, executive member ARLFoundation and publisher, YE Magazine, an educational magazine committed towards the revival of education sector. One positive thing that robbed off on me was the mutual respect, love and admiration we shared for each other. It feels so good to know I am not alone in the race to inspire the emergence of a better society. I look forward to maximizing the potentials of our relationship, synchronizing ideas, influence, and efforts; our dream is real. I hold you people in high esteem.

Thank God, the best things in life are free, and that is why I have all these phenomenal individuals for a friend. They all could not have come into my world at a better time than this. Yet, much more phenomenal, than these phenomenal eleven, is God – the Chief Coach of the team. He proved to me in 2011, that though He is God to all of us, He is a father to some of us.
One event that instantly struck my memory here was that life-threatening accident I had on the eve of my birthday, March 20. I had a close shave with death, with just a split-second in-between us. I remember giving up already by saying “God, is this how I died?”, and I equally remembered Him responded “No, son. This is how I renewed your life and destiny.” This was the highpoint of 2011 for me, coupled with the month of May, August, and October, in which I recorded groundbreaking and breath taking breakthroughs.

Trust me; words would fail me to express or capture aptly how I feel about this God. Hmm…
“Is like I’ve always fallen short of been worthy,
‘Cos I aint good enough,
but He still loves me.
I aint no superstar,
the spotlight aint shinning on me,
I aint good enough,
but He still loves me.
Am not perfect,
Yes I do wrong, yes I do wrong…” Join me and sing if you know this song.

I wish you a splendid festive season ahead. 2012, here I come!


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