Friday, December 23, 2011

I Love U.

I know I bottled it all up even when U were waiting to get drunk of it.
I know I was too cautious even when U worth all the risk.
I Know I held back more than necessary, even when U needed only a finger of it to escape the dungeon.
I know I hoarded it, even though U needed a little to live.

I know I denied U of it even though it is Ur right.
I know I went dumb, even when Ur heart long for the sound of it so badly.
I mean I restrained my LOVE when U only craved just a little.
I couldn't be more sorry than I am right now. I guess I love U so much that I feared saying it to U.
But honestly I love U!
BMO, LEI, DI-GI-NI-TY, SPIRIT, SERAH,Oriyomi, AY and everyone out there that I wasn't there for when they needed my shoulder, I wanna say I love U sooooooooo much! I mean this.

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