Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Success: What Defines It For You?

The concept success is no doubt a subject that will generate reactions and counter-reactions any day, or anytime discussed. The subject has been thoroughly and widely dealt with by notable people from all works of life, that you will think it is an over flogged issue.

However, in an age or era where the human soul is growing increasingly discontented, even in the face of colossal material and wealth acquisition, one cannot but revisit the reason for the discontentment – lack of success feeling. How can a man with a heavy material and wealth acquisition still feel something is missing?

Just recently, I was listening to definitions of success from Kurt Carr, Bishop T.D Jakes, Bishop Matthew Ashimolowo, and Pastor E.A Adeboye, and I observed a common denominator that never stops pricking my reasoning.
In the words of Kurt Carr, “success is not all the gold, beautiful jewelries, and expensive cloths you have in your wardrobe. I mean something Katrina could and destroy in just one hour.” In Pastor Adeboye’s word, “success is doing what God ask you to do, and you do it to the best of your ability. Success is fulfilling His purpose for creating you. All the material acquisitions amounts to nothing, as they could fade away unannounced. It will be pathetic to have all these; yet, within you there is a void. All we ever need is food, clothing, shelter, and something to move you around, which does not necessarily have to be your own car…”

If you observe the two speakers, there is an agreement that material and wealth acquisition does not equate been successful. It goes down to the fulfillment of purpose. This reminds me of an experience I had recently while touring motherless babies’ homes in Ibadan. The children lives in an appalling condition and environment, which made me to ask what are the Forbes-list-pursuing rich men in this country doing with money.

I have not written to whip up sentiments; neither will I attempt to scribble an epistle on what the true definition of success is. All I am asking is what defines it for you? I am sure you want to spend your old age feeling peace unquantifiable.

Be successful.

Alamu Samson.

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