Sunday, September 25, 2011

ABSU Gang Rape: A Clarion Call To Obey...

It is in the region of a month and a half now that our national integrity was greatly abused and insulted in the guise of the ABSU Gang Rape. 5 young men, allegedly students of Abia State University, raped a young lady presumed to be their colleague, taped the brutal assault and posted it on YouTube. I honestly wish, and need to see the ABSU gang-rape video. Such act can never be qualified by any adjective invented by man, the best thing U'll feel is the monsterous anger to deliver worse than jungle justice.

I only wish this case will not expose further to the world, the rottenness of our Judiciary. Our national history is evidence-laden that the Nigerian Police Force treats rape case with levity. That has again been justified by their initial reaction to the ABSU Gang Rape.

We make a passionate appeal to the Presidency to wade into this matter as it is capable of further rubbishing the image of our dear country in the international community. In like manner, we equally call on social activists, human right activists, women liberation and empowerment groups to keep mounting great pressure on The Nigerian Police Force to do a conclusive justice to unravelling the brains behind this crime. Let us facebook, Tweet, Digg, and Blog our sustained media campaign against this ungodly act.

No matter whose Ox will be gored, let us make it known that this is not another case to be wrapped under the carpet.

My love and heart goes out to the young lady who suffered this great act of inhumanity. Nigerians are with you in this.

Alamu Samson.
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