Monday, September 26, 2011

ABSU Gang-Rape: Lady victim found, pursuance of justice shelved for now...

Finally, as revealed by the citation below, the victim has been located:
"...we have located her there in Abia State. That girl is a ticking bomb right now; she is a potential suicide case or murder case. Imagine she can lay her hands on a weapon now, what do you think will happen to her rapists? We are working on how to get her out of the State for protection and rehabilitation. Her safety comes first before we can begin to talk about justice. We need to show her all the love and support she requires to get over the trauma, BEFORE WE BEGIN TO PURSUE JUSTICE." Mrs Josephine Chukwuma, Director of Project Alert on Violence Against Women.

This is no doubt a news that gladens the heart. However, we, the media campaigners do not wish to relent in our efforts as the news does actually transalate into justice. The ending statement of the above citation reveals that the much demanded justice may be jeopardized.

Typical of authorities in our country, the imminent lullness in the pursuance of justice may be exploited, and this we do not want. We all should not rule out the possibility of having a highly connected lad(s) amongst the rapists. It is for this very reason that some of us has dedicated our time to pushing the mass media campaign. As I write this, the priority of the NGOs for now is the treatment and rehabilitation of the lady. Hence, while the coalition of NGOs continues their rehabilitation efforts, we want to carry on with our sustained shout for justice.

In some couple of days, there will be rallies in Lagos, Abia, and Abuja. So, try to participate if you can; otherwise, write notes around the scandal and paste on your facebook walls, tweet it as well. If you however finds it too tasking to write, feel free to share the ones you will, or read on blogs and sites.

Justice must prevail.

Alamu Samson

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