Friday, January 6, 2012

My Idea of Protest: Reaction As Seen From My Binoculars.

I've read about scores of them, and I've also seen few of them. Protest I mean! While some are effective, many proved to be no more than rabble-rousing. I would have love to mesmerize you with another historical epistle, but time is a big issue. What choice do I even have, I'm feeling the effect of the subsidy already as I cannot afford a new pen, hence the need to be stingy with the almost inkless pen I presently boast of. In view of this, I'd go straight to what moves me to purpose here, MY IDEA OF PROTEST.

Without wasting much of your time, I propose a protest in the shade of the 'Bolsheviks Revolution' of 1917,
with components in the shape of the "Bastille Prison Break' by Paris Mob on July 14, 1789, and the 'Tennis Court Oath' by the Estate Generals (National Assembly). How do I mean? Let us have a total lock down of our international airports indefinitely. In this way, both the elite and the poor masses would have a sharp and direct feel of the heat.

No disrespect intended, I think the proponents of the 'general strike and mass rally theory' are been seen by the government as jesters, or rabble-rousers at best. So it seems going by there response so far to the public outcry. Executing my proposal or something in its shape would mean an open attack on the tyranny of the elite and the cabals that has milked us of our fortunes.

At this point, I plead with the sell-outs to resist the dangled carrots, at least for this historical moment. Let us set the international community on edge concerning our plight. We must rebuke and rebuff this recalcitrant leadership in its full vigor.

If they are thinking of playing the all-conquering and arrogant Napoleon, then we must tell them about the battle of Waterloo. That is one history they seems to have forgotten.

It's time we invoke the Rousseau spirit.



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  1. I found you from Naija Stories. This is so straight to the point. Well written.