Sunday, June 5, 2011

THE TRUSTEESHIP OF KNOWLEDGE AND VISION: One week with members of Authors and Orators Chamber...

As I prepare for the exit door of REACH-OUT, I drop on your table my last observation in the course of my refreshers journey. Though right now, I feel like a maiden taking a departure blessing and I want to cry, yet, I must leave. But then, enjoy this last moment.

During my refreshers, something else struck me. I noticed something about the interplays and dynamics of World War 1 & 2 and post-World War 1 & 2 events. I will save you all the details by narrowing it down to our area of interest and that area of interest is the Trusteeship concept/system. Now largely defunct, trusteeship was the system by which the United Nations, at its inception, appointed states to administer territories whose peoples, while regarded as units of self-determination, were deemed unfit to exercise self-rule. So, after these two wars, the victors assumed Trustee rights over the colonies of the defeated powers, as empowered by U.N. The UN Trusteeship Council then reserves the right of checks, and right retrieval in cases of maladministration. Some powers lost their rights to maladministration. I'm very sure someone is getting bored now, but wait a minute before you delete this.
Let's do some substitution:
UN for God.
The Colonies for knowledge and vision.
The powers (both Victor and Vanquish) for Orators/Authors, Activists, creative dudes, and visionary. We'll do the last 2 substitutions at the end of this journey.

I've come to understand that knowledge and vision has a trusteeship nature, and God bestows them both on you and me. These two gifts are pivotal to the fulfillment of our purpose of existence. They both by themselves cannot do anything without activation on our part. Funny enough, it comes with life span. Like it is with U.N, God reserves the right of checks, and trusteeship retrieval in case of our failure.

Now let's do the final two substitutions:
You and Me for Victors.
You and Me for the Vanquish.

I've come to understand that those that emerges victor, are those, who more than the possession of knowledge and vision, acquire the skills to execute their trusteeship. In the end, there was no right-retrieval. Rather, they were blessed with the trusteeship rights of the vanquish. In like manner, I discovered those that ended Vanquish equally possesses knowledge and vision, but lack execution skills.
My drift here is quite simple; we hold our knowledge and vision in trust, and we could lose it anytime! I will not abandon you in the middle of the desert by stopping here, but I will tell you why the trusteeship could be lost.

The craze for fame! That is the reason why we may lose our trusteeship. I've found out that the reason why many of us gets involved in scores of projects personally is because we are so taken over by the craze for fame. Consequently, we refuse to transfer knowledge and vision.

The Vanquish of the moment I speak of in history, loses their trusteeship because they were so fame-driven that they refused to delegate authority (knowledge and vision). They thereby got the people they lead in trust get discontented, and this resulted in uprising which moved the UN to right retrieval.

Picture a situation where God gives you 10 visions on solutions to 10 deadly problems in the society, and perhaps because you lack enough time to execute them all, people died in numbers. What do you think will happen? Very simple! God will retrieve the visions, and hand them over to someone who's got the right skill sets. And what is the skill? Vision delegation and transfer. This is what Andrew Carnegie meant when he said ' no man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it'. Wouldn't you rather be a leader/commissioner of the leaders/liberators of the crowd, than being a leader of the crowd? I'm sorry if am hitting too hard, but know that you only hold the knowledge and vision in trust, which could be taken away if you fail. Leave the fame, and go for the fruits.

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