Thursday, May 26, 2011

IT IS A GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Power of goal-setting

Many of us are so familiar with such statement or slogan, it’s so common particularly among football fans. Either on the Club side or the home team, goal scoring is a common phenomenon. It’s also very expedient and most appropriate to shout in support of your side when a goal is scored. However, between when a team is qualified for a tournament and when they score their winning goal several activities are involved. Let’s together consider these vital and all important activities.


The first step in scoring goals in life endeavors is planning. A wise man said “if you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail.” Every great achievement in life has its foundation on good planning. Plan your life, plan your goals. Before you can score your goals there is always a time to plan. A coach that desires his team to win a tournament must sit down and plan. Nothing good is achieved without proper planning. Plan now!


Another major nugget in the ladder of goal setting is preparation. It will be foolish for a coach to say “well, I have a very good plan and a strategy to win this competition, so there is no problem, let’s go to the field to play.” Nope! He must embark on serious preparation. The time of preparation is a major time in a man’s life, time to acquire skills, strength and experience, time to learn what it takes. The players wake up each day 5.00am for training and rehearsals and they are at it for a very long time. Time of preparation is a time to sacrifice sometimes your money, your sleep, your food, what you desire and what you deserve to ensure that you score your goals. Take this time very serious!


A very important part of goal setting is a time to be active. A time to take responsibility for what will happen, nothing happen on its own someone would have done it. How funny will it be for a team to have planned to win a tournament prepared vigorously and on the day of the match didn’t show up on the pitch or the whole team sit on the bench and refuse to play. Will they ever win the tournament? Be active! Be involved! Learn to do it yourself, take responsibility for it. Be a team player. If you must score your goals, then you must play it. No man wins in life by folding his hands. Work on your goals. Just do it!


The most important part of goal setting is scoring your goals. Don’t only plan prepare, don’t only prepare, play your goals and playing is not enough, score your goals. No team is declared winner because they had more ball possessions, goals scored determines the winner. Don’t just play, play to score. Don’t just hit anywhere, hit it on the head, don’t beat about, be objective and score your goals, don’t just set targets, hit them, you must deliver, you must succeed. People only appreciate your plan and preparations when you hit the net. Score your goals!


Another very important step in goal setting is a time to celebrate. Its normal when a goal is scored, people celebrate. People don’t have to like you, but when you score your goals they will celebrate you. The scorer of the goal jump all about, runs around on the track, jubilating because a goal is scored. Score your goals the world will celebrate you.

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