Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Man Called Praise Fowowe: Another Icon to emulate...

Hello People,
How has been your day and the week too?  This week on our Personality Profile, we'll be sharing the profile of a dynamic man with a difference. A sexual recovery and training expert.
His name is Praise Fowowe. Happy reading!

Some call him PROF while others call him Mr. sexual recovery. His protégées call him coach while clients refer to him as a relationship enigma. But whatever you have chosen to call him one thing you are guaranteed of is every contact with him takes you to a new level of fulfillment in your relationships and lifestyles.

Praise Oladimeji Fowowe is a sexual recovery expert, family crisis manager, relationship coach, soar away columnist and one of the few specialists when it comes to relationship issues. A pioneer of high pedigree and a researcher reputed to be very original with insights that solve problems with ease. Praise believes that understanding oneself and others is the greatest key to successful relationships.

As a social worker Praise is the founder of the uncommon man network simply out to raise a sexually pure generation through the right values being taught on every street. The NGO which operates in Ajegunle at the moment is causing a revolution in the sexual behavior of the youths in that part of Lagos with Praise’s redefinition of sex, vagina, breast and others which has revolutionalized the mindset of the people. Till date Uncommon man network through her sexpurecentric project (a coinage of Praise) has planted 63 centers on 60 streets, 4 campuses where youths meet on a weekly basis to discuss their sexual challenges and the right values about sex is taught weekly. His philosophy when it comes to sex is “The only safe sex is sex in the marriage environment”. When men are faithful to their wives and young people are able to adequately control their bodies then sexual abuse would be reduced, homes will be settled and ultimately AIDS would die a natural death.

Uncommon Man Network has helped over 10 prostitutes out of prostitution in times past, given a sense of direction to several youths in Ajegunle through its weekly interactive meetings every Sunday evening which has grown to close to 400 youths.

Praise started the Uncommon Man Refinery (a 4 month human developmental training) for youths in Ajegunle and this has really helped a lot of youths rediscover themselves. Through its network of activities Uncommon Man Network has held seminars on various issues affecting the human sexuality.

In the line of duty...

Praise is also the host of the annual Sex2Sex conference and the Last Ajegunle virgin conference in Ajegunle

As a corporate Consultant Praise runs the Praise Fowowe Consulting having worked as one of the leading consultants at one of Nigeria’s leading consulting firm Visible Improvement in Performance(VIP consulting). He facilitates induction classes for some of the nation’s leading banks and consults for several other business organizations. In the words of the Human Resource Support Manager of UAC restaurants ‘Praise’s mastery of what he does is Indescribable, never have I see a young man hold his audience spell bound the way he does. Our people are better for it’

A passionate believer in the family setup. Praise believes what breaks most marriages is as simple as the word ignorance and he believes that once couples can master the platinum rule, love languages and the dream team formation then 60% of all marital problems are solved. According to him there is no reason for a divorce if couples have mastered the principle of death in marriage. He runs the YOU counseling services for couples and singles with troubled relationships.

A robust thinker and a believer in the Nigerian dream, Praise believes it took Japanese to develop Japan and Nigerians must become responsible for the development of the Nigerian of our dream. He teaches the dignity of the black race and believes that God never created a white man or a black man. All he created was a man which is void of colour. And that God is no respecter of persons but in every nation anyone that can connect to the awesome potentials that lies within irrespective of the colour elevated by Him.

The Accounting graduate who has authored hundreds of articles on sex and marriage relationships currently consults for a couple of families and writes for Saturday This Day and Encomium magazine among several others. His contribution towards the development of his generation have been well applauded as reflected in his being awarded the 2005 LEAP/NOKIA youth leadership award for the prevention of HIV(AIDS), the MEDIA CONCERN breaker of silence award for the prevention of child sexual abuse, LIFEWAY magazines award on youth empowerment.

An astute writer with 3 classic books to his credit and a lot of titles on cds and tapes. Praise travels speaking and seminars and conferences and his delivery is unbelievably bigger and way ahead of his age and physique. His coaching sessions are inspiring, informative, transforming, very practicable and down to earth.

A detribalized Nigerian with absolute tolerance for people as long as they are human beings. Praise is a Christian with a difference as he believes that you as a person is the Jesus that people must first come in contact with before they meet the Jesus of the Bible hence our life must speak more than our mouth.

He is a dynamic young man with an unusual grace for changing lives. As far as he is concerned we all deserve to be happy especially in our lives and relationships. His ultimate goal is to build the world’s most desirable marriages, raise a sexually pure generation and to plant the sexpurecentric friendship centers on every street where the right values about sex are taught from generation to generation.

Praise is happily married to the greatest woman to have walked the planet earth Oluwatosin Adewumi. He lives in Lagos Nigeria and travels strengthening relationships.

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