Monday, October 24, 2011

Knowing Where to Tap. Part II

Hello, peeps. Welcome back! Now let's finish the journey.

The reason why the axe is not cutting well, is because the cutting edge needs to be sharpened. The reason why we exert ourselves is because we are operating contrary to wisdom. If you know how the machine works, you’ll know where to tap. My motivation today is simple, get knowledgeable! How, you may ask? I have a few suggestions for you, and I have a little gift I’ll like to give you, and I’ll like you to share with others as well.

1. Become an expert in one topic, but become generally knowledgeable. Don’t pursue focus till it creates absolute blind spots for you in areas that are important. Deliberately chose to be broad. Read wide! Read many more books about one topic, but read books about other topics. Yes you will be invited to speak about your topic, but the discussions you will engage in will require you to be well rounded.

2. Ask the experts! One meeting with a wise man is worth years of reading. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions from someone who has demonstrated expertise in particular areas you are seeking knowledge on. You were not the first to land on this planet, learn from others.

3. Share what you know! There is nothing that helps you retain what you know more than sharing it. It looks very interesting when we see small children trying hard to use words we just taught them. I remember how frequently my daughter used the words participate and interesting until they became hers. Don’t bottle up the knowledge to yourself, share. One of the things you can share is what you have just learnt; you can also share where you are learning it. Share this website for example, and share this report as well.

4. Google it! Whatever you hear and you don’t understand, just go online and search for it. There is too much knowledge wasting on the internet begging to be found. It’s so interesting how difficult it is to argue these days, if you disagree, just go online and settle it once an for all J. Take the pains of searching of linking from page to page and getting a wide grasp of new things.

Have a splendid day.

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