Thursday, July 7, 2011

13hours to go! U owe me this; Nigerian Blog Awards 2011: How to help Alamu Samson win an award.

Voting will be over in 13hours time, and just Ur vote is all my blog, needs to notch the Most Educational Blog Award @ the Nigerian Blog Awards 2011.

How to vote:
Click on
put your name and email address in the space provided, then tick alamusamson under the Most Educational Blog category and click on submit button. Check your email thereafter for vote confirmation link to activate your vote. Only then will your vote be counted in my favour.

Voting will be close at exactly 23:39 (11:39pm, Nigerian time), July 9, 2011.
With your vote, I know I can deliver.
Thanks for your love and support.

Alamu Samson.

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